Odin - Loki APC Conversion

by: DreamForge-Games

28mm (1/56) scale Odin - Loki APC conversion


*The Odin - Loki APC conversion will fit the base Keilerkopf APC (not included). The kit includes a detailed interior replacement for the APC and the barrel and shell components required to create either the Odin or the Loki AFV. This kit must be assembled as either an Odin or Loki variant at the time the APC is assembled. Due to the width and placement of the new interior components it will not be possible to add this to an already assembled Keilerkopf APC.



◦ Highly detailed interior for the APC

◦ Tilting barrel assembly and specific shell carrier for both the Odin and Loki variants

◦ Spotter and Gunner crew members


The Odin conversion, aptly named for the Norse god Odin, ‘the god of thunder’. The massive main gun throws an immense high explosive round down range with considerable destructive potential.

 The Loki conversion, takes its name from the Norse god Loki ‘the trickster’. A quick view of the vehicle from a distance may lend the observer to dismiss the vehicle as a personnel carrier, a deadly mistake. This AFV is armed with a high caliber anti-tank gun capable of swiftly dispatching heavily armed vehicles from a great distance.

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