Eisenkern 'Keilerkopf' APC

by: DreamForge-Games

28mm (1/56) scale. 7.5 inches long by 3.5 inches wide, when fully assembled. 

Designed to allow the modeler to customize the final pose of the assembled kit. 


  • Linked movable front steering
  • Rotating soft plastic wheels
  • Green tint see through windows
  • Working doors hatches and hood
  • Movable defense gantry
  • Detailed crew compartment
  • 12 seated crew

This vehicle is as heavily armored as a main battle tank, riding on six solid tires, each with an independent drive system that allows this vehicle to spin in place, in the same manner as its tracked brethren. 

The nose section is taken up by the reactor, this is the same full size reactor found on the Leviathan Crusader and Mortis, allowing the APC indefinite range and access to impressive speed… The reactor in this vehicle is capable of recharging equipment and the super capacitors found on lighter vehicles and Leviathan, in this way, the ‘Keilerkopf’ becomes a central part of any forward unit’s logistics. Everything you need for planetary conquest.

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