WGF-15mm-W2002 WWII American Rifle Company (15mm)

by: DreamForge-Games

During the span of 6 years (1939-1945), the US Army went from a force of 175,000 poorly trained and under equipped volunteers to a combined arm force (tanks, artillery and infantry) with a ground strength of over 2.7 million men. They were, arguably, the best trained, finely led, well equipped and mobile fighting force in the world.

This set contains 2-sprues of 15mm WWII American Army soldiers (92-total figures). Contents include 10-sergeants with Tommy guns, 52-riflemen, 8-riflemen with rifle grenades, 2-radio operators, 6-BAR operators, 2-snipers, 4-officers, 4-Bazooka operators and 4-loaders. Bases included.

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