WGF-W2003 WWII Russian Infantry (28mm)

by: DreamForge-Games

The Red Army was the dominant Allied land force in the European theater of "The Great Patriotic War" (World War II). Millions of courageous Soviet men and women fought tenaciously, pushing back seasoned German Forces. Through tremendous sacrifice, the Red Army defeated the majority of the German troops, helping to bring an end to the war.

This set contains three infantry sprues and one officer & accessories sprue, for a total of 31 multi-part, hard plastic figures. Alternate heads and torsos allow for up to four female soldiers per kit*. Extra weapons, ammo packs, bases and more are included.

*Alternate torso and prone body provide up to 6 female bodies, there are 4 specific female heads to choose from on the accessory sprue.

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