Beowulf Artillery -or- Grendel Siege Gun

by: DreamForge-Games

28mm (1/56) scale Leviathan accessory weapon arm was designed to be used with the fast swap arm option for both the Leviathan Crusader and Leviathan Mortis and all other variants that share the same chassis.

This kit contains components to build either the Beowulf Artillery Cannon -or- the Grendel Siege Gun. 

The Beowulf is a massive long-range artillery piece. Originally fashioned from a 14” naval gun it has seen many revisions and refinements. The accuracy and range of this weapon is astounding.

The Grendel Siege Gun is the largest projectile weapon mounted on any Leviathan. Its 32” bore throws a four-ton high explosive projectile down range with devastating results.


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