About Us

Welcome to DreamForge-Games! DFG


Who are we? Well... we is me, Mark Mondragon. Admittedly I have a very skilled group of mold makers and support people backing up the creation and delivery process but in the end I am a man of many hats. artist, gamer, web designer, CAD modeler and all around geek.

A few years back I was on a very different career path, a purchasing manager for an IT company based out of San Francisco. When the Dot Coms went bust my position was no longer required. I spent some time mulling over the possibilities and decided to chase my passion, I have not looked back since.

I am located in sunny California and have been running DreamForge-Games as the sole designer and perpetual shut-in since 2002. I have been producing resin model kits and pewter figures for the gamer and collector for over ten years… wow has it been that long? I had the great fortune of running a Kickstarter and working with Wargames Factory to produce quality plastic models for the mass market. All the products found here are the fruits of that labor.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look around, please feel free to make yourself at home and don't be shy about picking up some plastic crack while you’re here, as long as you keep enjoying it, I'll keep making it.


All the best!

Mark Mondragon