Iron-Core is primarily as a vehicle vs. vehicle combat system. Although infantry play an important role, they are not the primary focus of the game. A typical game will consist of one to five armored vehicles and, three to seven squads of infantry or support units.

The game is designed to play like a WWII simulation. Every effort was taken to use and distill actual WWII vehicle and combat data in the creation of the vehicle stats and game play. Unlike modern warfare, not every shot will hit its target and many hits will not penetrate your opponent’s armor and result in an instant kill. Two evenly matched vehicles may find themselves in an extended engagement, trading shot for shot until one finds a soft spot and makes the kill.

The decision to base the play style and game mechanics on a more antiquated technology was a conscious one, born from the desire to add more depth to the combat than a simple “Roll D6, four or better, you kill your target”. Vehicles, regardless of the manufacturer represent more of a financial investment than infantry units do. With this in mind, the number of large units required to play Iron-Core have been reduced as the vehicle and infantry suitability has been extended to a more descriptive and cinematic feel.

Our goal is to provide a game system that rewards tactics and punishes suicide runs. Applying bonuses and penalties based on unit position, unit formations, moral, and support fire and tactics; you will find that an inferior force can defeat a superior force with the application of some tactical forethought. Many of optional rules may slow play but highly recommended.

There are many game systems available, each have their own strengths, weaknesses and focus. If you are looking for a brigade level combat game, Iron-Core may not be the best choice. If you want a dynamic vehicle vs. vehicle combat system where having the biggest and the best does not equate to an “I win” button, then Iron-Core may be the game for you.