April 02, 2014

Eisenkern Grav-StuG RELEASE!

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This kit contains twenty-nine components, three optional main guns, tank commander hatch options and an included Eisenkern tank commander and a flight base for those who choose to build the kit in hover mode.


You may build this kit in its landed mode or hovering mode. You should choose which before assembly as the landing struts are specific components in the rear or in the position of the front ram/struts.


The three main guns to choose from are: -Assault Gun

-H.E.L Cannon (High Energy Laser)

-Long barreled, high velocity anti-tank gun


Tank commanders hatch options:

-Closed (printed as a single drop in component)

-Open for the miniatures of your choosing (with or without hatch doors, included)



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Eisenkern APC 'Keilerkopf' in plastic!

Today I have the great pleasure of sharing with all of you the Keilerkopf Eisenkern APC. This kit is the first DreamForge product to take physical form without ever having been produced in either metal or resin.
This kit was roughed in just shortly before the Kickstarter. The APC lacked a lot of the details now present in the production kit and was very much a work in progress when the backers good faith made this kit a reality. We have taken this kit from a rough concept to a stunning plastic model worthy of the brave troops it carries.
The completion of this kit was no small task, moving from a strictly CAD based environment into a real world model without a 3d print or master meant I needed to put a lot of faith in the Wargames Factory engineering team, I think the end results speak for itself.
The final kit required eight full tools and three partial tools, (not including the crew) far more than we first anticipated but perfection demanded nothing less.  

Some of the kit features:

Clear windows that have the greenish tint most commonly found on ballistic glass (we are still playing with the tint color to get it as close as we can).
Working doors, hatches and hood.
A detailed interior and engine compartment.
A full crew compliment, driver, gunner and ten seated Stormtroopers.

A movable defenses turret, mounted to a gantry, it provides a full 360 protection against unwanted guests.

Wheels that roll around the fixed center hub and a linked front set that simulates real world steering.

TPE a soft plastic tires.
What you see in these images are essentially T2, we have some very minor tweaking to do and some texture to add to the non-slip pads on the top deck and inside of the rear egress hatch.
As we draw closer to the conclusion of this Kickstarter, I must thank the backers again for all the understanding you have given while we worked hard to provide you with the best platic sci-fi kits possible.

Mark Mondragon
Mark Mondragon